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Entry #1


2008-04-16 19:39:34 by ouchichi

Natural selection at it's finest.


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2008-04-16 19:54:37

i use the AIDS needle all the time.

ouchichi responds:

Don't worry, that's good AIDS.


2008-04-27 07:48:59

is that you at the back of everyone in that picture.
i bet it is.

ask the blonde girl if she's interested LOL.

ouchichi responds:

I am indeed the poof at the back, my hair is short now though, and no longer purple. =[

As for Rachel, I'll let you know :P


2008-06-10 16:18:39

Wasn;t that on a shirt?

ouchichi responds:

Haven't got a clue, although it would make an awesome shirt indeed. I just thought I'd create a post but didn't have anything particular to write about.